We have launched a pilot programme centred in Stroud, involving stakeholders and citizens in developing a framework which can then be rolled out in other towns around the world to bring about change locally and globally. The pilot will take a systems thinking approach to assess the areas of Climate, Energy, Waste, Water, Wellbeing, Food, Biodiversity.

It is a transformative project which aims at tapping the potential for co-operation, and co-ordination of the many existing initiatives, creating an innovative and creative space and examining existing patterns of thinking and ways of doing things.

We aim to address issues arising from the present ecological and climate crisis, not only in the areas of energy, biodiversity and wildlife corridors, plastics and waste, but also the social dimension of systems change involving behavioural change leading to sustainable living and regenerative practices, social inclusion, awareness, and dealing with issues like feelings of disempowerment, fear and desperation arising from the present situation.

Specifically we are creating in Stroud an innovative, co-operative forum and space to bring all stakeholders together, who in isolation are only part of the solution. To achieve a change in the system of addressing ecological and climate change issues (including root causes like consumerism) by tapping the potential of acting in unison.

To draw in the people of the town to spread awareness of the present climate and ecological crisis, provide opportunities for them to participate in change and regeneration and create a feeling of inclusion and ownership, whilst also collecting data so that together we can understand and change the current system in order to make deep lasting transformation.


A framework which will help localities (local economies, communities) to prepare for the (global/national/local) changes that will come from an international Law of Ecocide.

It also aims to help communities build resilience to the effects of climate change and ecosystem destruction.

It identifies the need for the many and diverse stakeholder groups to work together to bring about system change. Thus it creates the space for this to happen by securing the Town Council’s commitment through its Declaration to bring together a Steering Group (SG) for this purpose.

Stage 2 of the Pilot project is happening now. Stay tuned for more details, or email us for further information about the Pilot.