Earth Protector College/University – Proposal

Proposal for UNI-NAME to become an Earth Protector University

Proposed by:

Seconded by:

This Union notes:

1.1 In declaring UNI-NAME an Earth Protector University, this institution can increase awareness among its community members about the state of the climate crisis and take significant steps to addressing the Climate Emergency it declared on “date”

1.2 The Earth Protector movement aims to increase collaboration and cooperation with local communities, councils, local government bodies and educational and other organisations to protect land, air, wildlife, soil and water and work towards becoming carbon neutral by 2025.

1.3 This movement comes under the umbrella of the ‘STOP ECOCIDE’ campaign (which aims to establish an international criminal law to stop investors from backing and engaging in ecocidal practices). By supporting this campaign, UNI-NAME will be taking a conscientious stand against the injustice of some countries having to endure more severe consequences of climate breakdown.

This Union believes:

2.1 As the first Earth Protector University, UNI-NAME will be paving the way for other organisations, communities, towns, etc to join this movement of conscientious protectors of the Earth. Furthermore, it will give the UNI-NAME community a sense of pride in responding in a meaningful way to the climate crisis.

2.2 As ‘Earth Protectors’, UNI-NAME students and staff will feel inspired to take collective and individual action to adjust their lifestyles to be more sustainable and to become more globally aware of the devastation felt by people on the front lines of climate disaster around the world.

2.3 UNI-NAME has a unique demographic of students from across all continents. and, as a global community, the actions taken here can have far-reaching impacts. We can create a culture which aims to actively participate and encourage its members to engage in a practice of caring and protecting our environment for our future and that of the natural living world and all life.

This Union resolves:

3.1 To pioneer UNI-NAME as an Earth Protector University- acting in a meaningful way to address the climate crisis. This involves:

  • Producing a strategy to working towards reducing CO2 emissions by 2025
  • Pioneering the reduction of single-use plastics
  • Promoting awareness throughout all curricula about climate and ecological emergencies around the world
  • Practice the movement from a sustainable to a regenerative culture within and around the university

3.2 To make students and staff aware of their legal duty of care towards all inhabitants that have been or are at risk of being significantly harmed due to Ecocide and encourage all to sign up to become Earth Protectors, thus helping to fund the legal support required while creating awareness and momentum for the crucial amendment to the Rome Statute – to declare ECOCIDE a crime at the International Criminal Court.

3.3 To encourage UNI-NAME as an institution to actively divest from any practices considered to be harmful to the health of the environment and its inhabitants both locally and globally. To promote life on Earth before profit and promote a culture of care among faculty members.