Earth Protector Business – Declaration

In declaring (name of Institution/Business) an Earth Protector Institution/Business, the Institution/Business undertakes to collaborate and cooperate with the Town/City Council, communities, local government bodies, businesses and other organisations to protect land, wildlife, air, soil and water. The Institution/Business considers the repercussions of its decisions and rigorous care is observed to avoid environmental harm in the exercise of its functions.

To protect the Earth, this Institution/Business will;

Endorse, support and, through the publication of this declaration, raise awareness of the Earth Protector movement which campaigns to amend the Rome statute and declare ecocide* a crime at the International Criminal Court (ICC). Encourage it’s staff to become Earth Protectors.

Protect communities as best it can from environmental damage.

Produce a strategy for the Institution/Business’s operations, including a date, to achieve a carbon zero future – ideally 2025.

Promote the movement from sustainable to regenerative living wherever possible.

Work to achieve single use Plastic Free status.

Actively involve its workforce in achieving these goals.

Work with suppliers, customers, the local Council(s) and other stakeholders to minimise environmental impacts and create a strategy to protect, enhance and connect ecosystems/habitats/species.

Raise awareness of climate and ecological emergencies through education, promotion of events and providing appropriate information.

Pledge that any future investment decisions consider the environmental practices of the institutions involved.

Assure transparent and regular reporting of the implementation of the above pledges (including where possible a shared database of specific goals and progress achieved in attaining them).

In declaring itself an Earth Protector Institution/Business, (name of Institution/Business) is publicly supporting the campaign to amend the Rome statute and declare Ecocide a crime at the ICC.

*ECOCIDE is serious loss, damage or destruction of ecosystems, and includes climate and cultural damage.